Turf Irrigation of New Jersey considers itself to be a leader in water conservation. Turf Irrigation uses drip technologies and techniques and has utilized water-saving practices in all aspects of their design for the past 12 years. At least one form of drip irrigation is typically incorporated into each of our installations.
If you currently have an existing system, drip irrigation may be able to be retro-fitted into your system to provide this water-saving technique.

Low Volume Basics By ELIZABETH LEXAU

Drip, low volume, and micro irrigation are words that are sometimes used interchangeably. All refer to irrigation systems that deliver a low flow of water at low pressure at or near the root zone of plants. Drip irrigation actually consists of a variety of different systems that can be used together or separately in a given landscape. Each system has its own array of emitters or micro sprays that can tailor water delivery to the needs of a specific plant or planting area.

Drip systems bring water directly to an individual plant or small group of plants through flexible tubing. A variety of emission devices with different flow rates allow for the delivery of different volumes of water to each plant in the same run time.

In-line drip tubing  is designed to uniformly wet a larger area where plants are not as widely spaced. Emitters are molded directly into tubing at set intervals. The tubing is buried just below the soil or beneath mulch. Water is delivered at a much slower rate and less is lost to runoff and evaporation.

Micro sprays are another variety of low volume irrigation devices that are appropriate for dense planting areas. Water is delivered just above the ground through several small spray sprinklers connected by flexible tubing. Because water is delivered slowly at low pressure, micro sprays allow for much deeper watering with minimal runoff. Because sprinklers and sprays cover a wide variety of patterns and diameters, its easy to design flexible systems that cover narrow, curving beds without wasting water on adjacent areas.

Flexibility is one of the great strengths of all low-volume systems. Different systems can be used within the same landscape, and can even be used in conjunction with traditional overhead systems. In recent years, there has been increased interest in retro-fitting traditional sprinkler systems to low-volume systems.

Drip irrigation can also be life-savers for potted flowers, in order to water those hard-to-water flower boxes, or that urn which is too far for the hose to reach.

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