Why choose Turf Irrigation vs. the other guy?

Turf Irrigation of New Jersey, has a proven track record of successfully installing and servicing irrigation systems since 1976. We currently maintain over 750 loyal clients and many of them are in your neighborhood.

 Our team continually invests in the education and training of its employees. We know our clients have busy lives and need hassle-free service; we want to make your ownership of a Turf Irrigation system stress-free, providing the value you deserve.

Are free quotes available?

Yes, all quotes are at no cost to you although, we do request that you make an appointment. Schedule a free estimate!

How much does a sprinkler system cost to install?
Installation cost depends upon several factors which would include: the size of the property, complexity of the landscape, and the water service to name just a few. Each property is carefully reviewed, measured, and designed specifically for you and your needs. 

Turf Irrigation uses a specific set of irrigation design criteria established by the National Irrigation Association.* Once a Turf Irrigation system design is created then your sprinkler system will be quoted. A quote from Turf Irrigation should be looked at as a 20 year investment since 20 years is approximately the life span of a quality installed sprinkler system.

How much does it cost to maintain a sprinkler system?
Maintenance cost is based on the size and complexity of the system. A new system always costs less to maintain than an older system. This is due to the fact that fewer repairs are required on a new system.

Regardless of age, all systems require seasonal start up in the spring and winterizing in the fall. Call today to get a free evaluation on the cost to maintain. Even better, a maintenance agreement is available to save you money and time. 

Will there be damage to my lawn?
During installation there will be some minimal disturbance to your lawn. The extent depends upon: how hard the ground is, the type of lawn you have, the volume of tree roots, and the time of year. 

Turf Irrigation guarantees to rake and tamp the area to restore it to its natural state, if not better, as the turf is enriched through  regular watering.

Will my water bill increase?

Compared to watering with hoses the savings are considerable. However, this depends on several factors including:       

1) Client's prior water usage

2) The landscape's water requirements. [Some types of plants  require more than others]
3) Weather
4) Controller adjustment
5) Sprinkler maintenance
6) Rain sensor operation

Personal usage variation - Since most clients had been using very little or no water for their lawn prior to installing an irrigation system, usually most may notice some increase in their water usage.

Water conservation controls
- Turf Irrigation of NJ  uses water-conserving controls such as rain sensors, and programmable controllers on all new systems and can modify or adapt existing systems with these controls. Bear in mind that with Turf Irrigation
systems water is being applied in the most efficient and consistent manner. Compared to watering with hoses the savings advantages are considerable.

Do I need to hire Turf Irrigation of NJ to turn on my sprinkler system?
You may elect to handle this task yourself but sometimes the small savings do not cover the savings of time/water waste and frustration.

Spring start-ups-
All sprinkler systems need to be turned-on as early as possible in the spring to ensure that they're working properly for the summer. These start-ups usually require:

1) the water source to be activated, 2) pump primed, 3) a thorough examination of all the components, 4) adjustments, 5) repairs if necessary, and 6) reprogramming the controller.

Preventing damage-Typically as a system ages the requirement for spring start-up increases. Leaks, broken sprinkler heads, and poor adjustment could lead to higher than normal water bills, damaged property, or an unhealthy landscape. In order to prevent damage & repair untimely costs many of our clients choose to have Turf Irrigation maintain their systems.

Do I need to winterize my irrigation system?

Absolutely. Failure to winterize your sprinkler system can lead to extensive damage on a large scale:

1) Water left in sprinkler equipment can freeze and split open sprinkler components. Once the damage is done, costly repairs will be required to bring the system back to life.

2) In a very cold winter the entire system could be damaged beyond reasonable repair.

Turf Irrigation uses high volume, low pressure, and air compressors to purge all irrigation equipment of water. This ensures that your system will last for many years.

Do you offer service agreements?

Yes, Turf Irrigation of New Jersey offers yearly service agreements that cover the cost of summerizing, winterizing and evaluating your sprinkler system. Additionally, as a Turf Irrigation client with a pre-paid service agreement you will receive a 10% discount on all repairs and or replacements if there should be a need.

As an additional benefit, we provide this service in a timely manner by reminding you when to schedule appointments. Most of the services we provide can be completed at your convenience and do not require someone to be at home when work is done

What are my payment options?

Turf Irrigation of NJ requires total invoice payment upon completion of work. On new sprinkler systems a deposit is required at time of contracting. This allows us to secure material and commit to an agreed date. A progress payment will be made during actual installation  and final payment due upon completion. For servicing existing systems payment is due at time service is rendered. For your convenience we accept checks produced from a New Jersey Bank or a Visa credit card.
*Turf Irrigation of New Jersey, is a member of the Irrigation Association of New Jersey.