Service Agreement

Signing a Service Agreement will ensure dependable, worry-free service. All Turf Irrigation customers with a signed service agreement receive automatic service scheduling, preferential service call scheduling and early pre-pay discount opportunities. The following services automatically renew on a yearly basis:


Spring turn-on:
The technician will turn water on to the system and inspect plumbing and vacuum breaker; then activate controller, set watering schedule and test all valves in system. He will install a new battery (at additional cost) when needed, inspect and adjust system for proper coverage, lastly checking all lines, heads, and nozzles.

Summer efficiency program:
This service is imperative for good system performance. We know that the cost of water is a concern. A technician will adjust sprinklers for proper coverage, plus reprogram the controller for proper seasonal watering needs. All system components will be scrutnized for proper operation.

The technician will turn off water to the sprinkler system and drain inside pipes and vacuum breaker. In addition he will deactivate the controller and valves, removing the battery of solid state controller. The technician will also clear all lines of water with compressed air and open all manual drains and faucets.

Contact us today to sign-up for our service contract program and start saving immediately by taking advantage of our pre-paid discount.