New Sprinkler System Installations

Founded in 1976 in Haddonfield, Turf Irrigation has become one of Southern New Jersey's leading residential, commercial and athletic irrigation installation and service companies. Turf Irrigation understands that professional design and installation are the keys to the lasting performance of every sprinkler system.

At Turf Irrigation, we design and install each sprinkler system using the latest technology and the best installation techniques. We also stand behind our work and offer a comprehensive warranty on parts and labor. Our service department will keep your system running at optimal performance and efficiency for years to come. Providing outstanding customer service is what Turf Irrigation will provide to you, just as it has supplied to our customers for over 33 years.

When you hire Turf Irrigation you are hiring a company with experienced and trained technicians that meet irrigation industry standards. Turf Irrigation's certified irrigation designers and contractors have high levels of experience and training. They have passed a comprehensive exam covering general irrigation subjects as well as specialty areas and agree to follow a code of ethics. To maintain active certification,Turf Irrigation's employees continually take education classes that are accredited by the National Irrigation Association.

Professional Installation

We use a state licensed master plumber on all new installations to be sure your interior and backflow plumbing is according to the state code. Whenever possible we use a vibratory plow for "trenchless" pipe installation. Because vibratory plows do not excavate the soil, they are less destructive than standard trenchers on established turf. The existing sod heals quickly and after a few days there is little evidence that the soil had ever been disturbed.

Turf Irrigation installations are meticulously done to ensure: proper grooming, compacting and cleaning up trenches, holes and/or vibratory plow routes; level-to-the-grade installed sprinkler heads and valve boxes; sprinkler heads positioned at a consistent distance from hardscapes and bed edges.


Turf Irrigation has a comprehensive insurance program including general liability, worker's compensation on every employee, and auto insurance on every vehicle for protection to you and your property.

Follow Through

Our installation isn’t complete until you know how to use your system. A technician will show you how to use your new irrigation controller, make minor sprinkler head adjustments. He will also give you general guidelines for proper watering practices. All year long we are available to answer questions and make sure your ownership experience is everything you expected.

We pay close attention to unseen details, making sure that we:

  • Use only top quality pipe and fittings
  • Safeguard the electrical components with special waterproof wire connections
  • Backfill trenches without debris or rocks that could damage the pipe

We are also meticulous about what is visible, making sure that we:

  • Properly groom, compact and clean up trenches, holes and vibratory plow routes
  • Install sprinkler heads and valve boxes level to the grade
  • Position sprinkler heads at a consistent distance from hardscape and bed edges
  • Neatly install controllers

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